Fernanda Marques
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São Paulo, SP
Fernando Guerra
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Enjoy unique moments each and every day. An ideal balance that has as base noble materials and a minimalistic occupation. This is how we can depict the sense of living in this 600 m² duplex apartment, home to a young couple and their two sons, designed by Fernanda Marques, in São Paulo. In constructive terms, another well executed retrofit operation conducted by the architect, that endowed the apartment with amplified spaces and greater integration, having as background the vibrant skyline of the city.

Distributed in two levels, the project concentrates on its first floor the master bedroom and the kids bedroom. The core center of the house is on the top floor, where most part of the family action happens. In addition to the big kitchen and the spacious gourmet area, the living room, composed by areas that alternate between relaxing areas, meal areas and the Home Theater. More than enough reasons to make it the main meeting point of the house.

“The luminosity has an essential role in this interior. Living in a highly lightened space is part of the unique essence of the couple, declared lovers of surf. A passion that gradually is being transferred to their sons”, explains Fernanda, facing one of the most well guarded family relic: a surf board made by no one less than the Hawaiian shaper myth Dick Brewer, specially made for the owner. The surf board nowadays occupies an important role on the staircase decor.

Moved by the sole purpose of amplifying to its maximum the luminosity conditions on both floors of the house, the architect adopted a solution of using reflective and transparent surfaces in almost the entire project. From the wood to the marble, employed, invariably, in a nude color, abundant glass surfaces that spread throughout the entire top floor. “The more proximity to the natural, the merrier is the sensorial quality of the materials”, says Fernanda.

Almost austere in its minimalistic simplicity, all over the apartment the spaces succeed harmoniously, without ruptures. “My client definitively wanted to live in midst of soft spaces, which would transmit lightness to whom would attend it.”, tells the architect that, when selecting the furniture opts for the use of vintage and contemporary pieces, creating punctual design focuses. As it happens, for example, at the core of the house which holds the dining table and a sculptural pendant.

Highlighting the couples art work, such as Gabriel Costa pieces, Ricardo Réndon, Arthur Lescher e Angelo Venosa, among others – was a main concern for the architect. On the top floor, for instance, excluding the pendant above the dining table, the constructive conditions didn’t allow the use of technical lamps, as a solution Fernanda opted for the use of indirect floor lighting. “The result exceeded all my expectations. I love the effects of the illumination on the green walls and on the ripped wood panels”, concludes Fernanda.