Saint Paul

Fernanda Marques
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Saint Paul
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São Paulo, SP
Fernando Guerra


Saint Paul

When it comes to interiors, there are projects in which the demands of comfort and well-being overlap all others. That is the case of this 432 m² apartment, which is designed for a mature couple with grown children who do not usually receive guests. "My main challenge was to design timeless environments. Says Fernanda Marques.

Thus came a proposal, where in fact, the environments are broad and subtly integrated. The brightness is intense and the green is present in strategic points. Where furniture and carpets, in light tones and with well defined lines, collaborate for a sensation of permanent softness, to the taste of its owners. No clichés, a comfortable and cozy apartment. But not for that reason, less contemporary.

From the implantation to the last vase, everything is simple and clear. The entrance takes place by the living room, which together with the dining and TV room occupies the center of the project. From this point, we have the kitchen and master and guest suites, connected by a hallway. Occupying a considerable part of the apartment, the intimate area has two closets and two baths, for the sir and lady, plus a small office.

Thought to be soft and indirect, the lighting was crafted based on lampshades and floor lamps. As the living area is in front of the west façade and the limestone flooring spreads throughout the social sector, the excess of light had to be properly controlled by means of curtains that spread all around the perimeter of the glass panels. This also guarantees the perfect visualization of the exhibited work, such as the beautiful serigraphs by Paulo Pasta and Palatnik.

The ideal of full integration was undoubtedly decisive in the choice of furniture. The sofas are extensive enough to interconnect the spaces as well as the carpets that contribute to this goal. The texture of the coatings was another item well studied. "We wanted to work with materials that would arouse the urge to touch, that would suggest reception and, I dare say, we got there," Fernanda points out.