Fernanda Marques
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São Paulo, SP
Christiano Maldonado



Paulistano, one of the most traditional, social, cultural and sports associations of São Paulo, located in the Jardins neighborhood, offers one of the most spectacular views of the city – especially when seen from the wide windows of this duplex.

As told by Fernanda Marques, the architect behind the project of this 350 square meter apartment, the biggest request made by the client, a single dad of three, passionate for surfing, was to “greatly enjoy the view and, to the greatest extent possible, replicate it into the interiors”.

“When a client comes to me, most times sophistication is their main motivation. However, in this case, a search for a feeling of informality was also a big factor", reflects Fernanda, who for this project opted for maximum integration between all environments.

Having undergone a recent retrofit, not much of the current distribution of the property resembles the original. In the most hidden part of the apartment you will find the suites and the children’s room. In the common area, we have the kitchen, gourmet space, living room and home-theater.

From an aesthetic point of view, the light and gentle atmosphere is permanent. “My client was looking for something clean, that made the space feel light, so I really dedicated myself into finding vintage pieces and integrating them to other more contemporary pieces”, explains the architect.

However, do not expect from this project anything less than a legitimate Fernanda Marques. As in her previous projects, the tuning with art is maintained and gains well defined shapes in works by Tomie Ohtake, Amilcar de Castro and Claudio Solferini, and the passion for design is clearly expressed in the Infinito benches, engineered by the architect herself and made from stainless steel, which contrast with the wood panels of all the closet walls.

“I enjoy playing with opposing styles. The contrast between natural and industrial, hot and cold. Nothing more modern than that”, she summarizes.

Main suppliers involved in this project: AG Movelaria, Di Marmore, Wood Design, Foco Luz e Desenho, Parket.