Mostra Black 2013

Mostra Black
Fernanda Marques
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São Paulo - SP
Demian Golovaty
Prêmio recebido pelo projeto Mostra Black 2013


Mostra Black 2013

Shuffle the cards. Voluntarily deconstruct the space to extract the best. This was the starting point of architect Fernanda Marques in designing your environment to Mostra Black. As a way to reclaim the space, Fernanda opted to draw non-orthogonal lines, floor and ceiling, breaking with enough volume set construction.

"Redesigning the ceiling and the floor came to a volumetric that belongs to me, unbalancing the established order. The result is a living wonder that hover over the intricate urban fabric of a city like São Paulo. However, not opposing, but if mimicking him. At the urban experience "points.
A time resolved spatial question, the interior design has emerged as a result. "I often say that, in my projects, the layout is only realized when I handle the spatiality of the site. Then of course the decor is born, as a phrase that I have to finish, "said Fernanda, about the space of 126 square meters equipped with Dell Anno cabinets and counter space, stainless steel designed by architect and executed by Mekal.

The architect chosen for the furniture finishing Goya, launch Dell Anno inspired by the study of the Spanish painter Francisco Goya on light colors are able to highlight textures. Thus the concept of the pattern with shades of beige truffles in contrast to the light sheen of its silky texture arose. The Goya is present in the kitchen, wine cellar and home theater. To compose with this release of Dell Anno 2013 collection, was elected Rovere Black finish blade with natural veining drawn from the barks of oak wood texture and classic elegance that prints to furniture. The Rovere is accompanied by applications of Lacca Notte, with black tint satin finish.

Complement the two major environmental solutions brand partners Dell Anno. Blum spoke with the solutions in the open systems technology. The Cinex features elegant glass fronts, which won bronze shade developed specially for this project.
"I tried to respect the urban DNA of the building, closer to the decoration of the city," he says. Thus, traces of the skyline can be detected in the pagination of the lining and the cabinets Dell Anno. While São Paulo's brutalist school of architecture - which Fernanda is inheritor - manifests itself on the walls and pillars and bare concrete.

But beyond its brutalist appearance, the environment is all comfort and spaciousness. Handpicked - there will be three papers of Ligia Pape, one Mathew Barney, one Cidy Sherman, Olafur Eliasson one, plus a Nuno Ramos - all works of art on display were selected by Artbuyer Consultancy, now maintained by the architect in partnership with the art critic Waldick Jatoba.
Front of a TV set Philips, the last generation of Edra Flap sofa offers the exact dose of contemporary style and comfort to lean over the city that has as a reference point.