Mostra Black 2012

Fernanda Marques
Project Name
Living Goes Rock Too
Oscar Freire - Jardins - São Paulo
Demian Golovaty
Prêmio recebido pelo projeto Mostra Black 2012


Mostra Black 2012

Music sheets, piles of books, photographs on the floor: nothing is random in the "Goes Rock too" living-room designed by Fernanda Marques for the exhibition “Mostra Black” 2012.

It is in São Paulo. But it could well be in Soho, New York or London, Sidney or Seattle: or wherever there is a strong rock heartbeat. That’s where this elegant and laid-back space, created by São Paulo-based architect Fernanda Marques for the 2012 edition of Mostra Black. A project conceived to house a bold, unconventional character, for whom living side-by-side with works of art and high design is also a priority.
In practice it is a two-storey, double-height living room, where a steel walkway links the different levels. An exuberant, somewhat idyllic construction for a setting of those proportions. “My client can afford these excesses”, jokes Fernanda, of rock star Lenny Kravitz, her immediate inspiration for the design.

“I met him a short time ago, in Milan. I was already a fan, of course, but I was even more impressed when I learned that he is a great admirer of art and interior design. We chatted nicely and the desire to create something for him was instant!”. Fernanda says she conceived a space that is comfortable for the body, impacting to the eyes and intriguing to the senses – “For him and all those who have a rock ‘n roll attitude and live life to the fullest”, she explains.
“I tried to create a monumental room, but with more human dimensions at the same time; where the contrasting materials, used in unusual ways, would be felt, making the décor dynamic and wow”, the architect explains, using the smart marble bookcase filled with metal chains as an example.

Simple but not too much, there are piles and piles of architecture, fashion and design books all over the room. In addition to an extraordinary collection of photographs of extreme colour and impact; where sophistication makes itself noticed. Lighting is a major factor in this, as the scenic design accents the works of art and volumes that are essential in the composition.
Not to mention the well-balanced use of noble materials, such as marble and mirrors, used profusely on walls and floors. Everything in the room seems to reflect the rock star’s lifestyle and taste: “If he wants to leaf through a book, he just needs to take it off the pile. Or help himself to a drink, start to play… In short, enjoy all these little “great” pleasures. His or ours”, she adds.