Mostra Black 2011

Mostra Black
Fernanda Marques
Project Name
Garage Lounge
Project start date
Project completion date
São Paulo, SP
Demian Golovaty


Mostra Black 2011

The Garage Lounge by Fernanda Marques at décor exhibition Hyundai Mostra Black.
For architect Fernanda Marques, the Black is definitely linked to timelessness. It is always the same, yet it changes all the time.

It has been around for decades and is still up-to-date. It could not be more appropriate, therefore, to define a home décor exhibition show where exclusiveness is everything. "In this first edition I am showing the way I approach maleness. Always with contemporary materials, design and art”, she says. Using a bold glass structure, the Garage Lounge is the only space in the exhibition that was actually built, with around 150m². A flexible use space where a sophisticated occupant finds the perfect setting to relax, work or entertain friends.

Reading a book, sharing a nice wine, listening to good music or watching favourite games and matches are other activities the space allows for – be it in the entertainment area, in the lounge or by the huge bar, fitted with wall-to-wall wine-cooling units. All this amid plenty of greenery and with state-of-the-art technology at one’s fingertips. “I tried to create the place a man would have imagined if he were to turn the garage into his very own space”, tells the architect. So the design maximises the available space, by means of a contemporary glazed gazebo, capable of doing away with boundaries between inside and outside.

"I also decided to cast my eyes towards some of the icons pertaining to the world of men: motorcycles, speed, practicality, wanting to share moments with friends”, adds Fernanda, who mentions the façade of her project as one of its highlights, with its stickered 3-D effect.
Also the living pictures, huge structures filled with plants – by Quadro Vivo®, capable of ensuring visual and acoustic privacy in the glass box deserve a second look. Inside, the high points are the wine cellar, fitted with coloured lights and, right at the entrance, the avant-garde steel bench designed by the architect.

The exhibition opens on 20th June, and will take place in a 1,500 m2 house in São Paulo’s Jardim Europa, built in the 1940’s by architect Jacques Pillon. The house will be totally reinvented by the 14 professionals invited to create their spaces based on their interpretations of “What does it mean to be Black?”.