Fernanda Marques
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Miami Beach - FL
Max Zambelli



Living by the sea or as though floating over it has been a dream of generations of Venezuelans. To them, having miles of sea within view has always been at the top of all wish lists. Which does not mean, however, that every house by the sea does not have its own mood and traits.

In the case of this apartment designed by Fernanda Marques for a Venezuelan family of six in Miami, the emphasis was placed on two elements: lightness and sophistication. The family room, for instance, in addition to plenty of space for children to play in, was fitted with a small kitchen for the adults. The couple’s bathroom, with its markedly minimalist approach, has the fresh and tropical touch of a green wall, right next to the bath.

Art and design. Two indissociable elements in the Brazilian architect’s work are also well represented by a well balanced combination of works by Jesus Soto, Leon Ferrari and Olafur Eliasson, and iconic furniture designed by Sergio Rodrigues, Joaquim Tenreiro and Jorge Zalszupin mostly made from wood. A material, incidentally, which sets the tone for the whole interiors project, seen in the internal corridor, in the shape of two sinuous and sculptural ribbed partitions designed by the architect.

As this is an apartment where so many works of art and design take on a prominent role, it is not surprising that the lighting was designed specifically to enhance their viewing, whether by day or night. So, in addition to the abundant daylight entering through the building’s glazed façades, convenient recessed ceiling lights were added throughout the perimeter of the apartment.