Fernanda Marques Collection for Grifith

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Fernanda Marques
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Linha Fernanda Marques
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Prêmio recebido pelo projeto Linha Fernanda Marques para Grifith


Fernanda Marques Collection for Grifith

Known for the contemporary minimalism of her creations in architecture and design, Fernanda Marques never considered creating and line of jewellery ry that was not, at least, formally present and conceptually Strong. Which is made clear in the recently developed collection for Grifith.

"I’d rather think that wearing a piece of jewellery will put you make you stand out. And it’s natural, it’s good. Making one stand out is part of the history of jewellery”, explains Fernanda, who allowed herself to use an exuberance and organicness that are seldom seen in her work.

"I agree that the collection is quite organic, without a doubt, but I also see a hidden rationality in it, as in nature”, reveals Fernanda, who considers the human body the best of supports. “I decided to, as far as was possible, to give my creations movement. This is particularly evident in the case of the choker.”

For this first collection, made from natural silver - pre-treated, aged and rose gold plated - and leather straps she designed 4 pieces: a choker, a ring, a bracelet and earrings – soon to be available in Grifith shops. “I get so fully involved in everything I do that I end up falling in love with the work. Which invariably leads to thinking of more. So let there be new collections”.