Synapsis Collection for Solarium

Product design
Fernanda Marques
Project Name
Synapsis Collection
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Prêmio recebido pelo projeto Linha Synapsis para Solarium


Synapsis Collection for Solarium

Transversality. There is no better concept to describe Fernanda Marques’s current creative mood. Moving comfortably through architecture, design and art - she is currently on the Tate Latin America Acquisitions Committee - the architect is not just interested in creating buildings, interiors or products, but rather in exploring boundaries, and more so, in proposing confluences.

A very real example of such ability to articulate, the Synapsis range she has just developed for Solarium, a concrete tile manufacturer, enables her to navigate seamlessly through Ligia Clark’s constructivism; flirt with the modernity of Athos Bulcão and still remain faithful to its explicit functionality, expertly expressed by one of its key designers, France’s Pierre Paulin.

Deeply set in the architect and designer’s vocabulary, the possibility of customization was emphasized by Fernanda when developing the range, in which three basic concrete components can be put together freely in endless manners.

“I like to think up objects in which functionality can be approached from a broader perspective. In the case of this one there are only 3 elements in play yet the combination possibilities are practically unlimited, which makes it extremely versatile. And thus absolutely contemporary”, she adds.