Pixel Collection for Solarium

Product design
Fernanda Marques
Project Name
Pixel Collection
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Pixel Collection for Solarium

Pixel is the second product developed by architect Fernanda Marques for Solarium. As was the case with Synapsis, her previous line, this is another successful initiative by the designer to provide versatile and affordable, yet conceptually strong wallcovering products. This time there are 6 mix-and-match hexagonal elements and which can be plain or have bass-relief geometrical motifs in the centre.

In keeping with the research line followed in Synapsis, the idea, according to the architect, was, again, to offer a wallcovering choice that enabled maximum customisation at an affordable price. This is achieved by means of digitally designed three-dimensional elements. Murals can be composed based on the absence of some elements, enhancing the 3-dimensionality of the compositions.

“Modernist painter and sculptor Athos Bulcão is still my top reference but the overall interpretation of this design, closely linked to the digital world is quite contemporary”, points out Fernanda, who enjoys thinking up objects whose functionality can be addressed in a broader manner. “It is like revisiting a time like that of Bulcão, when construction materials clearly exposed their ornamental and expressive intent”, she concludes.