Le Lis Blanc

Fernanda Marques
Project Name
Le Lis Blanc
Project start date
Project completion date
Oscar Freire - Jardins - São Paulo
840 m²
Demian Golovaty


Le Lis Blanc

In her ongoing commission to update the visual identity of the sophisticated womenswear brand, architect Fernanda Marques has just completed the new 840m² Le Lis Blanc store in the trendy Oscar Freire, in São Paulo.
Her main challenge was to translate into décor the traits and very particular taste of the Le Lis Blanc consumer: essentially contemporary, minimalist in her vocation but subtly classical in her attitude and choices.

The refurbishment entailed significant alterations, especially as the architect proposed a layout segmented by themes: a display scheme in which several porticos divide the space to emphasize different products.

“The internal porticos create curiosity. They always want to discover what´s next, so when they come to the store there is some playfulness in the shopping experience”, Fernanda explains.

The refurbishment kept as much of the original store structure as was possible, both in construction and infrastructure. The interiors, in turn, underwent a radical transformation, to make the space more inviting and welcoming. The lighting, for instance, is now more focused and concentrated.
The bright window displays contrast with the amber-like luminosity and the soft outlines that light up the external gardens, both in the street and in the back of the store.

Classical without going over the top, the furniture contrasts with the minimalist setting. To emphasize the contrast, the architect de-structured the classical elements, such as the damask wallpaper, the antique armoire and the ceiling rosettes.
“I believe these details, as sublte as the Le Lis Blanc shopper – are what makes this store a pleasant space to be in”, concludes the architect.