John John

Fernanda Marques
Project Name
John John
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Oscar Freire - Jardins - São Paulo
Romulo Fialdini
Prêmio recebido pelo projeto John John
Prêmio recebido pelo projeto John John


John John

With quite a unique approach, filled with vintage furniture, toy art and objects shifted from their original context, Fernanda Marques extols John John’s contemporariness.

Right at the entrance an ebonized timber tunnel displays the brand’s logo in a unique and distinctive way. All the woodwork and styling emphasize dark shades, with dots of colour accenting specific details. Every corner harbors a new surprise.

Miscellaneous: there is no better word to describe the eclectic setting created by architect Fernanda Marques to characterize the John John brand throughout the country. "With vintage furniture, fun toy art and objects which have been moved from their original context, I tried to show the brand’s contemporariness", explains Fernanda, who has just delivered the first units in a commercial development that will certainly be the talk of the town. No less than 50 stores in Brazil’s main shopping centers and commercial areas, all this year.
Owned by the same people as Le Lis Blanc, Noir and Bobô, John John’s flagship has just opened in the cool Rua Oscar Freire, in São Paulo, and brought over US star Zac Efron, to the delight of young fans in the country.

Whose conceptual design was developed by Fernanda Marques’s firm, are already fully operational in major cities of the country. All of them in the same innovative interior design, created to please specifically the label’s target: avid for high quality and for a sophisticated and desirable lifestyle.
Established in 2006, John John focuses on premium denim. In addition the brand also has tops, embroidered pieces, shoes, underwear and a line of sunglasses – always with young appeal and designed to cater to a mainly female clientele in various age groups.

Based on these program demands the project designed by Fernanda was divided into three sections: menswear, taking up around 30% of the space and womenswear, with the remaining 70%.
"In my interior design project I tried to emphasize the perception of fragments, flashbacks, vintage elements. To use décor to go back to a whole universe of images of things gone by yet present in our memory and which influence how we dress. This is the backdrop I envisioned for the brand’s clothes and accessories", Fernanda says.

An inseparable element in this special ambiance – sophisticated and urban at the same time – the lighting design, by Guinter Parschalk, received special attention. "The idea was to highlight the architectural references in the setting, to provide an indirect and subtle the brand’s identity. Always in an introverted and quiet manner”, the designer explains.
Not by chance, to ensure the atmosphere created is consistent, curtains or film were used to block all natural light. Lastly, to make sure styling and set up are flexible, the architect chose to work with free-standing furnishings.

"We strategically placed the menswear section at the front of the stores, so that our customers will not have to cross the whole womenswear area to get to theirs. And, obviously, as denim is the brand’s cornerstone, it gets a dedicated area", the architect adds.