Serras Collection for Breton

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Fernanda Marques
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Serras Collection
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Serras Collection for Breton

Fernanda Marques, together with Breton, has the pleasure of presenting Serras: a collection of tables and her most recent foray in the design world. Inspired by Brazilian landscape, the collection aims to create pieces of furniture that can easily flow through the most diverse spaces, be them residential or corporate.

Under the architect’s watchful and investigative eye, Serras focuses on two essential aspects of contemporary design: materialism and craftsmanship. Considered a paramount material, the wood determines most of the surfaces and structure. With a presence in every piece, marble and metal reaffirm the organicity of the drawing by creating leading areas, which may be more or less functional.

Through asymmetrical lines, organic drawing and addition of materials with highlighted textures, the pieces of furniture have as reference the unique prominence of the Serra do Mar, a tract of rainforest that separates the States of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The collection works with five typologies in total — a dinner table, coffee table, side table, a dresser and a console —, which may unfold into multiple configurations via structure variations of lids and inserts made out of wood, metal and marble. Always shown in a near raw state, making the most out of the organicity of their composition.

“The visits I made to Breton’s industrial park put me face to face with an array of materials, but I wanted to go even further. I believe it is a designer’s job to awaken a new perspective in every material”, says the designer, who took it upon herself to imprint an almost dramatic texture and density into her pieces. Or even submitting the copper to violent blows of a hammer, capable of denting each plate and in so, creating unique objects, even if speaking of an industrial procution line.