Casa Cor 2010

Mostra Casa Cor
Fernanda Marques
Project Name
Loft de Inverno
Project start date
Project completion date
São Paulo - SP
Demian Golovaty


Casa Cor 2010

“A house that expands your horizons. That doesn't confine. That is virtually and concretely open to the world, nature and its inhabitants”.

From the constructive point of view, Fernanda Marques´s project for the Casa Cor 2010 exhibit was conceived under the influence of sustainability. All the coverings, both internally and externally, were executed in recycled wood, as well as all the furniture, which carry the green seal representing our commitment to the environment. In terms of lighting, we have adopted the highly-efficient LED system, to lower energy consumption. Emblematically, the tree trunks originally from Bahia became our own supporting pillars.

From the conceptual point of view, this great lounge, an open-plan, single space of 207m², contains a living-room, gourmet kitchen, bar and a video hall, designed to meet the needs of a family’s hectic everyday life.
“I tried to give this transitional space a proper shape: a contemporary house. There was dematerialization in course: walls were excluded, overlapping function areas, reflexive surfaces. In, and at the same time, Out. This project is intended, if not to consolidate, but at least to investigate all of these aspects.”

Based on two premises, in terms of sustainability, the first one being that if construction is smaller, it entails the use of fewer resources, as well as lower energy consumption.

Secondly, on a more personal level, has to do with the desire to give a specific and particular treatment to all of the items that make up her projects.

“My main interest is to approach architecture on a more authoral basis in every detail of my interior design projects.”
This was seen in the fact that she designed the pieces that furnish the space: from outdoor furniture to reusable steel bookcases inside.

Not least impacting, and fully in sync with the lines inside, the elegant 235m² terrace expanding to its fullest projected like an outdoor-living room with a borderless pool composed with 100 % recycled glass tiles framed by a fireplace fueled with bio ethanol that is completely composed of plant products resulting in a neutral ecological balance. No gas lines or electrical sources were needed. A removable purpose built tank was installed for the exhibit.

A long and sinuous structural awning certainly draws all eyes. A green roof, covered with vegetation that descends from the roof, passes along the pool side, turning into a counter and finally into a bar.